Your Questions, Our Answers

Always Product Safety FAQ

Always products have empowered millions of women to live without limits since they first appeared on the market in 1983. We have been there to protect you in your most important moments, and that protection begins with your comfort and safety.

You might still have some questions about the ingredients used to make Always pads and panty liners. We want you to feel informed and confident that you’re making the best possible choice for your body and your health. Below are the answers to questions we frequently hear.

Q: Will your pads or panty liners cause allergies or irritate the skin?
A: All of our products go through a rigorous safety evaluation to ensure they can be used safely and should not cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. An abstract describing one of these safety evaluations can be found here.

Q: Are scented pads safe? Won’t they be irritating and make me itch down there?
A: We make sure the materials that are used in our pads, including the fragrance in our scented products should not be irritating, cause itching, or cause an allergic reaction. So, like our unscented pads, our scented pads can be used safely Additionally, the fragrance used in our pads meets the strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association, the world’s leading authority on fragrance safety. We recommend our unscented pads for women who prefer fragrance-free products or who may already have allergies or sensitivities to fragrances.

Q: Why aren’t your pads and panty liners made of 100% cotton?
A: Always pads are designed to provide an optimized level of protection and comfort. The materials used in our pads better enable us to deliver these performance needs.

Q: Do you have toxic dyes in your pads or panty liners?
A: No we do not. The color on our pads and panty liners is from pigments that have been rigorously assessed to assure they can be used safely.

Q: How do you assure your products are safe?
A: Please rest assured: our science-based assessment process works to ensure the safety of the women who use our products. Only the products and the materials that meet science-based safety standards can go to market. Further, we share our assessments with scientists, health care providers and authoritative bodies to assure that our products can be used safely. For more information about our safety process, check out this website.