UNESCO & Always – Girls’ and Young Women’s Literacy Programs

UNESCO & Always – Girls’ and Young Women’s Literacy Programs


No matter where in the world girls are from, they all have similar hopes, ambitions and dreams. Don’t they deserve the ability to make those dreams come true?

Here at Always, we believe that nothing should hold girls back from being their amazing, unstoppable selves. And what’s the single biggest opportunity out there to empower girls? Education.

In 2011, around 500 million adult women around the world were lacking basic literacy skills. In Senegal alone, more than 4 out of 10 girls dropped out of primary school in 2010. Think we were going to stand by and let it continue to happen? Not a chance. So in 2011, Always and UNESCO teamed up to give thousands of girls access to literacy education in Africa. Today, around 60,000 girls in Nigeria & Senegal are benefiting from this program, mainly through information and communications technologies, and will have access to the education they need to make their dreams come true.