Help Keep Girls in Sports

Sport is critical to build and maintain girls’ confidence and yet, many girls quit sports at puberty. To help them feel they belong in sports and encourage them to stay in sports, Always has developed ready-to-use tools for teachers, coaches, organizations and parents.

What’s Included:

Dr. Jen’s Tips

Dr. Jen Welter (MS Sport Psychology & PHD), the first ever female coach in the NFL, gives 5 tips on how to keep girls in sport; from giving them ownership of the team, to how to praise their process rather than the result of the game.

Informative Posters

Educate everyone by pinning them in key areas in your schools, office and workplace.

Inspiring Posters

Pick your favorite Keep Playing #LikeAGirl poster to inspire girls to stay in sports!


The flyer highlights the benefits of playing sports during puberty and the real impact it has
on keeping our girls confident in their future lives. Read & share!

Help us build the next generation of confident girls. Let’s champion girl power!!