• Pads from the Pure and Clean collection by Always & Tampax. Made with simple ingredients that simply work. Compromise nothing
  • Free of chlorine bleaching, dyes, fragrances and disappointment
  • Soft & gentle top layer keeps you comfortable while long-lasting LeakGuard™ Protection keeps you dry
  • Get simple ingredients without sacrificing protection or absorbency
  • Designed with Always Flexi-Wings to stay in place

Pure and Clean is a new collection of feminine Pads and Tampons from Always and Tampax that gives you the simple ingredients you want, and the proven protection you trust. Every pad in the Pure and Clean collection is free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaching. With Always LeakGuard™ protection to keep you dry and a gentle top layer to keep you comfortable and clean, you’ll never have to choose between soft and strong again. Pure and Clean offers simple ingredients AND exceptional protection. Either/or, no more.


Always Pure and Clean Manifesto

Always Pure and Clean CollectionAlways Pure and Clean ManifestoAlways Pure and Clean Collection


Always® Pure and Clean ™ Q&A

Q: What is Always Pure and Clean?

A: Women who’ve been let down by “natural” period products can say goodbye to disappointment. New Pure and Clean offers women an option with the trusted comfort and period protection women expect from Always, and simple ingredients free of dyes, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching, so they don’t have to compromise.

Always Pure and Clean is a new option for women who want a pad made from simple ingredients that doesn’t require them to compromise on protection.

  • Always Pure and Clean is free of dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaching.
  • Always Pure and Clean pads have the trusted, long-lasting protection expected from Always with a soft, gentle top sheet.
  • Always Pure and Clean comes in three varieties – Regular, Super and Overnight.

Q: Why is Always introducing this product? How is Always Pure and Clean different than other “natural” period protection options?

A: More and more women are telling us that they want pads that are made with simple ingredients that they can count on, but they are dissatisfied with current options in the “natural” category due to leaks, having to change the products frequently, or discomfort. Always Pure and Clean is the only option that offers women the trusted comfort and period protection of Always, and simple ingredients free of dyes, fragrance, and chlorine bleaching. When we introduce a new product, it needs to be worthy of the Always name, and we’re excited for people to try new Always Pure and Clean.

Q: If Always Pure and Clean is free of dyes and fragrance does that mean these are included in regular Always?

A: The only products that contain fragrance are those labeled “scented” on the package. Some Always products include fragrance because that’s a choice women have requested. Some Always products contain dyes to create beautiful designs that consumers love, to help draw attention to unique product features, and to create bold colors on our packaging that we know some women prefer. All of the dyes and fragrances we use are completely safe.

Q: Where can Always Pure and Clean be purchased?

A: Always Pure and Clean is available in more than 7,000 stores across the U.S., and on some national online sites. Pure and Clean will continue to hit more store shelves throughout the year.

Q: Is Always Pure and Clean environmentally-friendly?

A: P&G is making choices to improve our environmental footprint in all of our manufacturing processes and ensure that we have brands with a positive impact. We continue to explore how to make our products more sustainable while delighting people with great products.

In 2017, P&G announced that by 2020 all of our manufacturing sites would send zero production waste to landfill. Since P&G began qualifying sites as zero manufacturing waste to landfill, more than 70% of its global production sites have achieved this milestone, including all Feminine Care plants. Plans are now in place to complete the remaining facilities over the next four years. This means eliminating or beneficially re-using about 650,000 metric tons of waste, equivalent to the weight of nearly 350,000 mid-sized cars that would typically go to landfills.

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I love it

I saw these and just thought I’d try them I fell in love with them the name says it all I felt dry and protected at all times. They’re super absorbent and flexible

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