What’s in an ALWAYS panty liner?

What is in an ALWAYS Panty Liner

Always panty liners are designed to keep you fresh all day, but with flexible, no-feel protection. They are made from the same materials as most other panty liners, which have been proven totally safe for use in feminine products. All of the ingredients have been reviewed by physicians, scientists and health authorities and determined to be safe.

You might ask why we need all these ingredients in our products in the first place. They help us provide you with protection that keeps you five times drier but is still comfortable. Check out each of the ingredients in our liners and what it’s purpose is below:

Liner componentsThong ThinRadiantXtra Protection Wrapped Xtra ProtectionXtra Protection Odor - Lock
A soft fabric that is designed to pull fluid away from skin 
Polyolefins, like those commonly used in clothing
Absorbent Core
A layer that acquires and stores fluid, locking it away
Absorbent, wood based cellulose (the absorbent material used in pads since the 1920s)Absorbent, wood based cellulose (the absorbent material used in pads since the 1920s) with absorbent polymer and polyolefin
Back sheet
A soft layer to keep the fluid inside (breathable layer for Thin and Radiant varities)
Polyolefins, (Thin with embedded color) like those commonly used in fabric
Helps the liner stick to your underwear.
Adhesives similar to craft glues
Provides a fresh scent
Fragrance ingredients
(only on versions labeled as scented)
Odor Neutralizing

Neutralizes malodors
AbsentPerfume-like mixture
Protects the adhesives before the pad is used
AbsentPrinted or color polyolefin, like that used in fabricAbsent
Protective Paper
Protects the adhesive until the liner is used
Printed paperAbsentPrinted on plain paper
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