• Up to Zero Leaks, Zero Feel
  • 50% larger back vs. Infinity Regular Flow
  • Features thin & flexible FlexFoam Technology that absorbs 10x its weight
  • Super absorbent holes ensure you stay clean and dry overnight
  • Dry, breathable top layer
  • Form-fitting grooves are designed to move with you
  • Up to 12 hours of leak-free protection with Always Infinity FlexFoam Pads Overnight Absorbency
  • Find your perfect fit with the Always My Fit sizing chart (available in sizes 1-5)

Up to 12 Hours of Protection

When you're juggling umpteen tasks each day, you don't have time to question your period protection.

Breathable Top Layer

Keeps you feeling dry all day long, so you can say goodbye to hot and stuffy.

Form-Fitting Grooves

These pads move with you, no matter which way you toss and turn.

Make your next move with confidence, thanks to Zero Feel protection. With their upgraded design, Always Infinity FlexFoam pads feature form-fitting grooves that conform to your shape, and super absorbent holes that pull wetness away from your skin.

Always’ driest top layer is breathable against your skin, so you can say goodbye to hot and stuffy and wake up feeling fresh. With Always Infinity FlexFoam pads, your period is the last thing on your mind.



Find Your Fit
Find Your Fit

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Menifee, CA
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Preface: You won't usually catch me taking the time to write reviews, let alone on pads!! So, the fact that I'm writing this, to, me, says a lot! Please don't stop making these! I have tried so many types, even different ones from Always but none have measured up to these! I put them to the ultimate test. I have a labor intensive job and wearing "diaper" thick pads was not comfortable and they always leaked. I refuse to wear tampons so I needed something lightweight but super absorbant and flexible. These were perfect for me!! I really hope Always doesn't stop making these!!!

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Los Angeles, CA
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Best pass out there!!!!

I have always struggled with tampons and just cannot wear them. Traditional pads were always really uncomfortable for me. These pads are a complete game changer. They never leak, and they are so absorbent I forget I’m wearing them. I’ll never buy any others.

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Altus, OK
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These are the best pads ever!

In the last year I haven’t been able to use tampons due to unusually high flows. These pads have changed my life! They give the best leak protection and they are really comfortable. I save so much money because instead of 10-15 tampons or less quality pads, I can use 2-3 of these for a whole 24 hours!

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